What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is widely considered the best minimally invasive treatment for spider veins, the dense clusters of thin blood vessels that appear on the skin’s surface. The procedure is fairly simple, consisting of the careful injection of a sclerosant medicine into all the spider veins. The sclerosant medicine irritates the spider veins’ walls, turning them into hardened scar tissues gradually absorbed by the body. The accumulated blood reroutes into healthier leg veins, restoring optimal blood circulation to the heart.

How is sclerotherapy performed?

Sclerotherapy is a simple, in-office treatment performed by a vein doctor under local anesthesia. The vein doctor raises your affected leg to inspect the spider veins and mark the injection spots. The sclerosant medicine is carefully injected into the spider veins — one injection per spider vein. The vein doctor can directly inject sclerosant if the spider veins are visible, but they may have to use vascular imaging for deeper spider veins.

The sclerosant medicine triggers a chemical response to collapse the diseased veins’ walls, turning them into hardened scar tissues. Over time, your body will reabsorb the spider veins, making them fade away from the skin’s surface. The accumulated blood reroutes into healthier leg veins, restoring optimal blood circulation to the heart. This entire treatment concludes within 30 minutes, depending on the number of spider veins.

After delivering the sclerosant medicine, the vein doctor will apply pressure on your legs while you stand up to prevent backward blood circulation. You will have to wear compression stockings for a few days to minimize the risk of recurrence. However, there is no downtime, and you can resume all your daily activities and work immediately. That’s why most patients seek sclerotherapy spider vein treatment during their lunch break.

Is Sclerotherapy Painful?

Sclerotherapy is an extremely safe and painless procedure. You might feel a gentle pinch and burning sensation when the sclerosant medicine first enters your body, but the sensation is mild and temporary. We also use the latest and safest sclerosant medications to ensure optimal comfort. Depending on the size and number of spider veins, you may also need additional sessions to remove all the spider veins.
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What are the benefits and drawbacks of sclerotherapy?

Benefits of Sclerotherapy:

  • Non-surgical treatment — no incisions or scarring
  • No need for hospitalization
  • Minimal post-treatment side effects
  • Causes minimal discomfort during treatment
  • No need for anesthesia during sclerotherapy
  • Concludes within 30 minutes
  • Resume your daily activities immediately
  • Minimal interference with daily activities

Drawbacks of Sclerotherapy:

  • Doesn’t treat chronic venous insufficiency, the root cause of spider veins
  • Only provides cosmetic relief from visible spider veins
  • Not suitable for all patients
  • Can’t be used to treat spider veins on feet, hands, and face
  • Not suitable for large varicose veins
  • Some patients may also need radiofrequency ablation and other treatments
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