What is ClariVein?

ClariVein is the latest endovascular, minimally invasive treatment for varicose veins and underlying chronic venous insufficiency. This procedure involves inserting a specialized catheter with a rotating tip into the diseased vein. Once activated, the catheter damages the diseased vein’s walls while injecting a sclerosant medicine, making the vein shut down and get reabsorbed into the body.

What happens during the ClariVein treatment?

ClariVein is performed as an in-office procedure under local anesthesia. Your vein doctor will administer local anesthesia to ensure comfort, following which a small incision is made on the skin’s surface. The vein doctor will insert a specialized catheter with a rotating wire tip into the diseased vein under ultrasound guidance. Once activated, the catheter’s rotating yip will destroy the diseased vein while injecting a sclerosant medicine to seal it shut. The procedure concludes within 30 minutes, and there’s no post-treatment discomfort or downtime.

What is the ClariVein device made of?

The ClariVein device is a slim, hollow, type-like device known as a catheter with a specialized rotating wire tip. The rotating wire damages the diseased vein while delivering sclerosant medicine. This is a non-thermal technique for vein treatment.

Can ClariVein treat veins on the hands and feet?

ClariVein shouldn’t be performed on the face, hands, and feet because these areas generally develop extremely small vein problems. These areas are also dense with arteries, and the vein doctor can’t risk accidentally damaging your healthy arteries during the treatment.
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What are the benefits and drawbacks of ClariVein?

Benefits of ClariVein:

  • No need for multiple injections
  • Minimal post-treatment bruising
  • No post-treatment downtime
  • Immediate results
  • No risk of nerve injuries

Drawbacks of ClariVein:

  • Not suitable for face, hands, and feet
  • Not suitable for all patients
  • Not covered by all insurance plans
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